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As an avid runner, I have been to more races than I can count. After 30 years of running marathons and some directing experience with the White Sands Marathon back in the ’90s I decided it might be worthwhile to host groups of interesting, but low-key marathons. Thus, Mainly Marathons was born.

Many of the ideas for our races were collected during marathons in discussions with fellow club members of the Maniacs and the 50 States.

We are based in southern New Mexico, but our race travels take us all around the nation.

Thanks for joining us!


Check out the amazing aerial video shot by a drone flown over our course in Clayton, NM, during the 2015 Dust Bowl Series!
Click HERE to video the full-sized video on our YouTube channel.

Check out We're All in This Together, an insightful look into the very first 5-state, 5-day series, by author and series participant George Rose!


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