At most marathons, if you are the last one in you’re greeted by a few (at most) race officials who are much happier that you are done so they can go home than they are happy FOR you and your amazing accomplishment. If you’re really lucky, they may point you in the direction of a warm bottle of water, a stale bagel, or overripe bananas—that is, if anything is left and not all put away.

We don’t feel that way at Mainly Marathons. Finishing a full or half marathon is an amazing accomplishment, whether it is your first or 100th. This feat should be celebrated, cheered, and honored, which is exactly what we do. If you happen to come in last for either the full or half marathon (no sandbagging allowed), you will be rewarded for your effort with the now-famous Mainly Marathons Caboose. (While it is a toy caboose, it is not a modern cheaply made plastic one. These are vintage metal Cabooses from a bygone era in which things were made proudly and made to last.)

Gone is the moment of embarrassment when you realize you were the last one in and are made to feel like you were keeping everyone from going home. That feeling is replaced by celebration and congratulations for a job incredibly well done. To always remember that feeling of accomplishment, you’ll take home a beautiful caboose. It will stand out among your racing mementos, as a reminder of all the friends you made out on the course, and that the best is last at Mainly Marathons!
Below are just a few photos of our proud caboose recipients; check out our photo gallery to see just how much fun we have, from the first runner to the last!


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Check out the amazing aerial video shot by a drone flown over our course in Clayton, NM, during the 2015 Dust Bowl Series!
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