Early Starts

    Early Start Rules:

  • Marathon, Half and 50K only.
  • If you are a 7+ hour marathoner, please consider this option.
  • Early Starts will be one hour before the regular start; packet pickup and parking will begin 30 minutes prior to the early start.
  • Aid stations may not yet be open.
  • Participants must have a flashlight, it will be dark.
  • Early starting 50Kers may have 9.5 hours for completion.
  • Participants will be led out by a staff person walking to the first turn-around, usually 1.1 miles.
  • Please be courteous and unobtrusive when entering the staging area while race setup, packet pickup and regular start are in progress.
  • You will need to be QUIET during that first hour.
  • Not all race locations will allow an early start; see individual race pages for details.
  • If you are late to the early start you will need to wait until the regular start time.