Loony Legends

Loony Legends

Loony Legends are some of the most die-hard runners in the world!

The requirements include (runners must submit a list of completed race dates to Mainly Marathons):

  • Completed at least 100 “long” (half marathon or longer) Mainly Marathons races.
  • Completed all current Mainly Marathons series (excludes Summer Camp, formerly named Minnesota Brothers Trail Series). This means you earned the “Series Finisher” medal for completing all races in a series (all races being half marathon or longer).


Once inducted, Loony Legends will receive the following:

  • Permanent recognition on the Loony Lunchbox, so your caricature will be represented at every mainland series as one of the most dedicated and die-hard runners!
  • Permanent recognition on the Loony Legends page on MainlyMarathons.com, including a summary of all your running accomplishments!
  • An exclusive custom-designed sticker to be on all of your Mainly Marathons’ bibs to show how loony you are!
  • An exclusive custom-designed patch that can be added to the upcoming Mainlyner Jackets!
  • Induction ceremony at our annual Mainly Marathons “The Loonies”, held in St. Cloud, MN after the “Running Ragged: 11 in 11” (Heartland and Summer Camp, formerly named Minnesota Brothers Trail Series)!
    • FREE food and beverages! All are welcome!

2020 Inductees


Dee Urquhart



2019 Inductees

Ed Del Favero

EdThe Loony Bin - August 20185

Ila Brandli


MM Newsletter - 2017 July5

Larry Macon


The Loony Bin - January8


Luz Villamil


2018 June8


2018 Inductee

Clint Burleson

ClintThe Loony Bin - Clint's Spotlight


Click to view our most recent edition of The Loony Bin!

2018 MN Brothers Trail Series

Check out the amazing aerial video shot by a drone flown over our course in Clayton, NM, during the 2015 Dust Bowl Series!
Click HERE to video the full-sized video on our YouTube channel.

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