Below are the answers to our most frequently-asked questions. If you still have questions after reading, please don’t hesitate to contact us with anything you need answered.

Do any or all days in a series.
Walkers welcome.
You may changes races (upgrade or downgrade) at any time, even in the middle of a race. Just notify the timers.
Strollers are allowed.
Earphones are allowed.
No pets on the course.
See individual race pages for info on early starts.
Entry fees are non-refundable and may not be transferred to another participant.
We do not provide transportation or lodging, but our Facebook groups are good locations to connect with other runners for sharing rides and rooms.

Every Mainly Marathons race is measured and is sanctioned by USATF. With few exceptions, which will be noted on that marathon’s webpage, none of the courses are certified and as such are not Boston or any other race qualifiers. You can, however, count any of our USATF-sanctioned events toward the 50 State Club, Marathon Maniacs rankings, and any other such club. We make every effort to help you achieve your running goals with regard to moving up in any of these clubs, and we welcome all members.

The safety and well-being of our runners is always our number one priority. We provide safe courses with minimal—most of the time zero—traffic and the best food/aid table of any marathon. We will always have everything to keep you well-hydrated and fueled during your race.

All of our races are timed with real people and timing clocks, no chips. You will receive a rubber band for each lap completed and when you have the required number, you turn them in and get your finish time.

We cannot control the weather, but we try VERY HARD not to have to cancel any race. If dangerous weather happens, we can stop the clocks and have all the runners wait it out in your cars. We will resume when it is safe, no matter how long that is. (Big marathons cannot do this, they often have time limits on how long roads can be closed.)

Camping is not allowed in the start or parking areas of our races. Many of our locations have their own camping facilities and arrangements may be made through them, such as the state parks that we use and the Ulster County Fairgrounds in New Paltz, NY.

You will receive a separate medal for each race in a series. Many series have a main medal along with a separate one for each state that can be hung from the main medal. State medals can also be hung by themselves. There is always another special medal for those who finish every day in a series; be it a marathon, half or combination. Check out our Medals page to see the medals from previous series.

Early Starts

  • Marathon, Half and 50K only.
  • If you are a 6+ hour marathoner, please consider this option.
  • Early Starts will be one hour before the regular start; packet pickup and parking will begin 30 minutes prior to the early start.
  • Aid stations may not yet be open.
  • Participants must have a flashlight, it will be dark.
  • Early starting 50K’s have 9.5 hours for completion.
  • Participants will be led out by a staff person walking to the first turn-around, usually 1.1 miles.
  • Please be courteous and unobtrusive when entering the staging area while race setup, packet pickup and regular start are in progress.
  • You will need to be QUIET during that first hour.
  • Not all race locations will allow an early start; see individual race pages for details.
  • If you are late to the early start you will need to wait until the regular start time.

Mainly Marathons Safety Plan

Mainly Marathons is a race company focused on multi-day, multi-state race series.  Our courses are designed with the runners’ safety in mind.  Our courses are based on short loops (1-2.5 miles) that provides runners with aid (food, water, electrolytes, etc.) frequently. This ensures that our participants have access to aid every 2.5 miles or less.  We offer an additional aid station, if temperatures become too warm, which provides the opportunity for aid less than every mile.  Our courses avoid crossing any traffic, and they are typically on wide paved trails with minimal elevation change. We use coning and barricades, if needed.  Our crew (staff and volunteers) wears neon series shirts to help identify the crew easily. The crew surveys the course many times during the race, as a means to “check-in” with the participants.  In case of an emergency, we have a defibrillator and staff trained in its use.  Also, all of our staff have been trained in CPR and BLS. We do not allow pets.

Additional COVID Safety Measures:

No Pasta Dinner during Packet Pickup. Please limit gathering during Packet Packup. Time limited gathering before start of event, participants must remain in vehicles until 20 minutes before the race start. Race Day Packet Pickup is available, but please return to vehicle to wait for race start. Face masks required when stading in Staging Area, especially around Aid Station. Walking / Running through Staging Area does not require masks; although, it is encouraged. All food will be prepackaged and provided in individual portions. No Loony Lunchbox. Please bring refillable bottle. Participants will be asked to open their own bottles and then volunteers/crew will refill bottles. No uncovered cups allowed at Aid Station. Number of participants could be limited (depending on location). Participants will be required to follow “American driving laws” on the course, stay to the right of the course and pass on the left. Spectators must check in with crew to discuss safe areas for spectating/cheering. Upon finishing the race, participants are expected to limit time in Staging Area. If carpooling, please wait in vehicle.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via the information below.

Minnesota Brother, LCC – DBA: Mainly Marathons

Jesse Rueckert and Daniel Rueckert, Co-Race Directors


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