Top Mainlyners — Long Races
Mainly Marathons participants who have joined us for the most full and/or half marathons and/or 50Ks. (Last updated: 4/10/2018)

1Simpson, Jim201
2Gmerek, Liz191
3Penfield, Pam183
4Rose, George169
5Ma, Vincent162
6Burleson, Clint162
7Macon, Larry161
8Brandli, Ila143
9Rueden, Henry143
10Harvey, Chuck138
11Burleson, Jeff119
12Moeyedi, Parvaneh118
13Shank, Clyde112
14Murphy, Bill110
15Baker, Vickey106
16Bartocci, Frank102
17Wailes, Bettie99
18Urquhart, Deedee99
19Porter, Scott99
20Greene, Deb95
21Brosi, Kevin91
22Nicholson, Nick90
23Bradley, Marv89
24Vollan, Karen89
25Readinger, Betsy88
26Del Favero, Ed84
27Klein, Patricia84
28Troisi, Cathy82
29Parrotte, Mark80
30McElhannon, Kathleen77
31Mack, Shelly73
32Duesterhoeft, Norm71
33Mahler, Tim66
34Nielson, Rand62
35Chuey, Mary Kay61
36James, Greg59
37Phillips, Blaine58
38Tollner, Margaret57
39Bayley, David56
40Smothers, Roger56
41Beardall, Bill55
42Breslin, Chavet54
43Brooks, Mike54
44Mitchell, Pam52
45Hamidullah, Matthew51
46Hanna, Kevin51
47Albrecht, Mary49
48Hartley, Danny49
49Bird, Courtney45
50Davidson, Kathy44
51Harmon, Teresa44
52Johnson, Juli44
53Reimann, Jim44
54Smeltzer-Azad, Azadeh44
55Vilamil Luzviminda44
56Woo, Rima44
57Wu, Lychim44
58Burleson, Jane43
59Zakrzewski, Carolyn42
60Grehan, Michael41
61McKinnon, Sandee41
62Churchley, Barbara39
63Shilson, Chad38
64Lazerson, Deb36
65Paetzold, Dallas36
66Wilson, Jenine36
67Arms, Phillip35
68Boone, Steve35
69Weldon, Patrick35
70Antang, Cyd34
71Grudzien, David34
72Taggerty, Michael34
73Johnson, Eric33
74Landry, Don33
75Landry, Marion33
76Prescott, James33
77Sturzaker, Jane33
78Weaver, Joe33
79Cioppa, Caren32
80Dolton, Bill32
81Pass, Lisa32
82Symons, Cheryl32
83Farrier, Jeff31
84Howder, Erika31
85Kreuzman, Adam31
86Eriks, Michael30
87Langlois, Melinda30
88Merfield, Ann30
89Topper, Larry29
90Barrett, Kerrilee28
91Ellenwood, Chris28
92Hoffman, Marion28
93Markum, Drew28
94Murray, Karen28
95Ganley, Ed27
96Weber, Craig27
97Buma, Maryann26
98Giang, Don26
99Giang, Tammy26
100Harris, Cecilia26
101Hensley, Kendra26
102Nolte, Lori26
103Wehnes, Kathy26
104Baker, Don25
105Funseth, Kristina25
106Haase, Rick25
107Holmen, David25
108Trieu, Sang Leng25

Top Mainlyners — Short Races
Mainly Marathons participants who have joined us for the most 10Ks and/or 5Ks.

1Burleson, Hanne119
2Rose, George108
3Duesterhoeft, Cathy69
4Parrotte, Sue67
5Burleson Clint34
6Reidinger, Haley26

Are YOU a Mainlyner?

If you participate in Mainly Marathons events, you are, and we want to reward your efforts!

We give awards for completing half marathons or longer at 25, 50, 100, and 200 races with Mainly Marathons! All awards will be updated June 2018 to custom-made plasma cut sculptures (includes metal-stamped nameplate)! In order to be added to the Mainlyner’s List, please submit your list of completed Mainly Marathons’ races (half marathon or longer) totaling 25 or more. We’ll keep track of your Mainly Marathon race total thereafter.

Questions or corrections, please email


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