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Clint Burleson
Clint is our race director, and has the most running experience of any of the crew. Here are his non-Mainly Marathons-related running stats:

Marathon Maniac #1318 (reached Titanium in 2015)
Half Fanatic #14456 (reached Sun in 2016)
Double Agent #2374 (reached Everest in 2016)
Road to 50 Roadie #3
First marathon: 1982
Completed marathons: 233, 50 states once in 2016
Halves: 35
Race directed over 200 marathons

You can find him out on the course for at least a potion of most of our races, and when he’s not running or assisting runners, he’s on his way to the next course!

Hanne Burleson
I was born and raised in Germany and have been living in the Southwest for a few decades. In 1999, I decided to pursue a degree in computer science. I enrolled for classes for the fall semester of 1999. This is how I met Clint, the professor teaching those courses. After a long introduction, we got married in June 2005. During the first two years while Mainly Marathons was expanding, I used my vacation from my regular job at the German Air Force to accompany Clint on the road supporting the series. From Oct. 2013 – Dec 2014, I started working part time at my job and the rest of the time for Mainly Marathons, and in Dec 2014, I resigned from my job to work full time at Mainly Marathons. To this day, I have not regretted my decision, and I am very happy to support our runners and walkers alike.
Cookie joined our family in June 2009, when she was about one year old. She was a rescue puppy with many issues. She ran her First Half-Marathon during our first series, The Day of the Dead Series 2012, in Las Cruces, NM. She has been accompanying us to all of our races. Mainly Marathons has been good for Cookie because she gets to meet and greet so many nice runners whom obviously love dogs. She has learned to like people and has become very affectionate and loving.
Teddy was born Sep 11, 2012. We brought him home the day after we completed our First Day of the Dead Series. He enjoys accompanying us to all of the series. Though he is not much of a runner, he sure loves chasing a tennis ball.
Both of our Fur Babies enjoy traveling and visiting different places, but most of all they enjoy the company, love and attention from all the doggy friendly people they meet on the course.

Norm Duesterhoeft
I am from Westfield, WI. After a 20+ year military career (9 of which was on the enlisted side with the last 11 plus as an officer), I retired and went on to work for Spartech as a Multi-Functional Logistician. I helped bring constant improvements to their 20+ locations throughout North America for 14 years.
My current running goals are to complete a full and half marathon in all 50 states and with a little luck, and if I stay healthy, I should be able to complete this goal in 2017. My best achievement in running thus far is qualifying for and running Boston with a PR of 3:38:06 at age 50.
My current running group memberships include, Marathon Maniacs (#7233), Half Fanatics (#14694), Double Agent (#2434), Road to 50 (#5) and 50 States Club.

Cathy Duesterhoeft
“I reserve the right to fire you!” That is what Race Director Clint Burleson told me back in the fall of 2012 when he brought me on board to assist with the timing of races conducted by Mainly Marathons. Dust Bowl 2013 was my first series with the understanding that I was being trained for the fall Center of the Nation series. Since then, I have missed only one series. Besides timing, I assist Clint and Hanne with any administrative work they may ask me to tackle. Despite long hours during the week of a series, I also try to squeeze in a 5K when possible. I recently joined The Road to 50’s 5K club and am known as Roadie #4.
I have been a part of Mainly Marathons since their original 5 day series in 2013. I help with packet pick up, timing and any other administrative work Clint and Hanne ask me to do. After running 7 half marathons, my body told me the distance was too much and now do 5Ks whenever possible. I recently joined The Road to 50 Club for 5Ks and am known as Roadie #4. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, crafting, writing and experimenting with photography.

George Rose
George is kind of the “Guy Friday” of the group: in addition to his official job Mainly Marathons’ Marketing Director, he is in charge of taking photos, recording and reviewing videos, and taking care of runners–and anything else that comes up! You can also find him out on the course completing his own races as time allows. Here are his “racing stats”:

Marathon Maniac #9756 (reached Titanium in 2015)
Half Fanatic #15233 (reached Sun in 2016)
Double Agent #2559 (Aconcagua)
Road to 50 Roadie #1
First marathon: 2010
Completed marathons/ultras: 111, 50 states once in 2015
Completed half marathons: 36
Mainly Marathons races: 101 (received Catrina in 2016)

Vicki Williamson (crew emeritus)
Vicki, Clint’s sister, worked with Mainly Marathons from its inception through 2014. She has now retired and spends most of her time with family in Kansas, but she still joins us from time to time to help out and see old friends.

Check out the amazing aerial video shot by a drone flown over our course in Clayton, NM, during the 2015 Dust Bowl Series!
Click HERE to video the full-sized video on our YouTube channel.

Check out We're All in This Together, an insightful look into the very first 5-state, 5-day series, by author and series participant George Rose!


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