Heartland Series: July 10-16, 2021


Day 1 (Sat, July 10): Bryan, Ohio
Day 2 (Sun, July 11): Niles, Michigan
Day 3 (Mon, July 12): Portage, Indiana
Day 4 (Tue, July 13): Fulton, Illinois
Day 5 (Wed, July 14): Clinton, Iowa
Day 6 (Thu, July 15): Sparta, Wisconsin

Day 7 (Fri, July 16): St. Cloud, Minnesota

Quick Overview
Series Dates: Saturday, July 10 – 16, 2021
Race Times: Ohio and Michigan will begin at 7:00 AM (ET). Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota will begin at 6:00 AM (CT).

Early Start: Yes, for marathon, half marathon, and 50K only. One hour before regular start, every day.

Series DayDateEarly StartRegular StartLocation
Day 1Saturday, July 106:00 AM (ET)7:00 AM (ET)TBA, OH
Day 2Sunday, July 116:00 AM (ET)7:00 AM (ET)Niles, MI
Day 3Monday, July 125:00 AM (CT)6:00 AM (CT)Portage, IN
Day 4Tuesday, July 135:00 AM (CT)6:00 AM (CT)Fulton, IL
Day 5Wednesday, July 145:00 AM (CT)6:00 AM (CT)Clinton, IA
Day 6Thursday, July 155:00 AM (CT)6:00 AM (CT)Sparta, WI
Day 7Friday, July 165:00 AM (CT)6:00 AM (CT)St. Cloud, MN

Packet Pickup: Friday, July 9, 4-6 PM – Location: McDonald-Ruff Ice Rink in Bryan, Ohio. Free pasta dinner will be served during packet pickup, at the same location.
Race Day Packet Pickup/Registration: One hour before start time on race day, at the start line. (Early starters may pick up packets on race morning, beginning 30 minutes before early start time.)

Average temps:
Time limit: None. We have a “no runner left behind” policy, and we happily stay until the final finisher crosses the line. Walkers are always welcome!
Pets/strollers: Pets are not allowed, for the safety and comfort of our runners/walkers; you’re welcome to bring a stroller if you have small children.
Group dinners, hotels, and airports: Check Heartland Series Facebook Group.

Hotel Searches: OH, MI, IN, IL, IA, WI, and MN.

Discounts: $10 discount on marathon/half marathon to active military, as well as members of any club that will list these events on their calendar. (Active.com requires a code to receive discount, which you can find on the club’s site or by contacting us.) We also offer a discount for local participants; contact us for details.
Food/aid stations: Due to our unique multi-loop course setup, we have one giant “aid station,” with more food and drink than you could ever need! Ask anyone who’s run at least one of our races; we’ve got everything from fruit to jelly beans to sandwiches, water to Gatorade to hot coffee, and everything in between. Way more than just granola bars and bananas–we even have our very own mobile kitchen, Loony Lunchbox!

Registration information is below. You may do any number of races; special medals are awarded to those who complete all seven!

Race Locations:

  • Day 1: Ohio
    • McDonald-Huff Ice Rink
    • Bryan, OH 43506
    • GPS (map): 41.468747, -84.572145
    • Course: TBD
    • Elevation Gain (per lap estimates by Garmin): TBD
    • Tentative Laps: TBD for Marathon


  • Day 2: Michigan
    • Riverfront Park (Start will be in the boat ramp area, take Bond Street towards river)
    • Niles, MI
    • GPS (map): N 41.82550, W 86.25638
    • If you enter Riverfront Park in Niles, Michigan into Google Maps or your GPS system, it will guide you to the main area of the park some distance north of where the race will start. To get to the race starting area from downtown Niles, go South on S 3rd Street to Bond Street and then turn right from Bond Street into the park
    • Course: Smooth paved path with a short section through the parking lot, moderate shade.
    • Elevation Gain (per lap estimates by Garmin): 26′
    • Tentative Laps: 14 for Marathon
    • Course Lap Preview

Heartland - MI

  • Day 3: Indiana
    • Imagination Glen
    • 2275 McCool Road
    • Portage, IN
    • GPS (map): N 41.588061, W 87.142408
    • Course: Smooth asphalt path through the woods with lots of shade.
    • Elevation Gain (per lap estimates by Garmin): 13′
    • Tentative Laps: 12 for Marathon
    • Course Lap Preview

Heartland - IN

  • Day 4: Illinois
    • 1042 1st Street
    • Fulton, IL
    • GPS (map): N 41.86679, W 90.16840
    • Course: Smooth asphalt with very little shade.
    • Elevation Gain (per lap estimates by Garmin): 36′
    • Tentative Laps: 16 for Marathon
    • Course Lap Preview

Heartland - IL

  • Day 5: Iowa
    • Discovery Trail
    • 25th Avenue N and Grant Street
    • Clinton, IA (North of Sawmill Museum)
    • GPS (map): N 41.87062, W 90.17476
    • Course: Smooth asphalt with little to moderate shade.
    • Elevation Gain (per lap estimates by Garmin): 23′
    • Tentative Laps: 12 for Marathon

Heartland - IA

  • Day 6: Wisconsin
    • Evans-Bosshard Park
    • Sparta, WI
    • GPS (map): N 43.94230, W 90.80420
    • Course: Mostly paved with a few small patches of gravel, four bridges (two covered).
    • Elevation Gain (per lap estimates by Garmin): 10′
    • Tentative Laps: 26 for Marathon

Heartland - WI

  • Day 7: Minnesota
    • St. Cloud, Minnesota
    • Beaver Island Trail (2 blocks South of Herb Brooks Hockey Center)
    • GPS: 45.542477, -94.151705
    • Course: Asphalt running path with views of the Beaver Islands and lots of shade.
    • Elevation Gain (per lap estimates by Garmin): 7′
    • Tentative Laps: 12 for Marathon

Beaver Island Trail

Travel distances/times between race locations:

    • Day 1 (OH) => Day 2 (MI): 110 miles, 1:56
    • Day 2 (MI) => Day 3 (IN): 61 miles, 1:05
    • Day 3 (IN) => Day 4 (IL): 178 miles, 2:50
    • Day 4 (IL) => Day 5 (IA): 3 miles, 0:08
    • Day 5 (IA) => Day 6 (WI): 178 miles, 3:29
    • Day 6 (WI) => Day 7 (MN):  232 miles, 3:37
    • Day 7 (MN) => Summer Camp (St. Cloud, MN): 0 miles

Heartland Map 1


What about the bling?
We all know that’s the best part! Every participant will receive one t-shirt and other fun goodies.
All finishers will receive a separate medal for each day; in addition, we give a special medal to those who complete all races in a series.
We even give a special award to each person participating in his or her first full or half marathon!
The best part: The famous caboose, given to the final finisher of each marathon and half marathon!

Ohio – Michigan – Indiana – Illinois – Iowa – Wisconsin – Minnesota

July 10-16 2021
Race Type By 2/28/21 3/1/21-4/30/21 5/1/21-6/30/21 After 6/30/21
Full $100 $115 $130 $150
Half $85 $100 $115 $130
10K $45 $45 $45 $55
5K $35 $35 $35 $45
Register Online: HERE!!
Mail-in Registration Form: HERE!!
You may also register during packet pickup or on race day (cash/check/credit card/PayPal). Entry fees are non-refundable and may not be transferred or deferred.


Are you ready upping the ante from 7 races to 12 races in 12 days?! Combine the Heartland Series with Summer Camp for a truly epic running experience – Running Ragged: The Original!