Run Around the World, TOGETHER!

Mainly Marathons has been running the USA for many years, so we thought to broaden our scope and (virtually) expand our boundaries with Run Around the World, TOGETHER!

Start Date: March 1, 2021

End Date Goal: April 22, 2021 (Earth Day)

Goal: Combined total of 25,000 miles
(Earth’s circumference 24,901 miles)

Registration Cost: $85

Discounts: Mainlyners ($10 discount) and Virtual Series participants ($5 discount). Email to get discount.

How to Submit Weekly Totals*: Email (Please submit mileage totals once a week).

ALL miles count – walking, running, crawling, rolling, skipping, sauntering, etc. We just want to motivate people to stay active and keep moving!

Goodies*: Goodies from each continent, include:

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Mileage Results can be found here.


Registration Link: HERE

Mail-in Registration Form: HERE

Email to use deferred race credit for the Run Around the World, TOGETHER registration.